About Us

Pash Daswani

After working in the jewelry retail industry for 10 years for someone else, I thought to myself how hard could it be to give a client service just like I would like to receive if I was on the other side of the counter, And thus I started Lucky Jewelers in 1992. I revolutionized Main street on the island of St. Thomas with a disruptive low profit retail business model, but didn’t stop there. I came to realize quickly that all the customers wanted was high quality product at a fair price. But I also believed what they needed was straight forward information and impeccable service. Immediately my motto became “Service, Service, Service…”.

Soon there after my brother Max joined Lucky Jewelers and we started building a strong base of clientele. Till today most of my business comes from those loyal repeat clients and their referrals.

As a jeweler now in the business for over 38 years of experience and knowing what customers and tourists want we are constantly innovating and look for new ways to create pieces that you would not only love and enjoy for years to come but feel “Lucky” enough to pass it down to your children, grandchildren and others. WE WANT TO BE YOUR JEWELER.


Pay attention to what the customer wants.


Appreciate the fact that the customer is even giving you a chance to sell them something.


Service, Service, Service the customer


Help the customer make a good choice in the purchase.


This place has all the jewelry anyone could ever want! This place has great salespeople who want to help you and tend to your needs. They try to find jewelry that is for you, not for someone else. One of the greatest jewelers in St. Thomas!
Nathan C.
Chicago, IL

Lucky Jewelers Code of Conduct

Our operations of retail sales of diamond jewelry is our primary business. While the diamond industry has in the past been associated with conflict and exploitation, the industry has taken a number of pro-active steps in the form of the Kimberley process. (this process certifies that the diamonds originate from conflict free zones) We have always acted in an ethical and responsible way in all our business practices. We do not tolerate slavery, servitude, forced or compulsory labor or human trafficking either within our business or within our supply chains.

We expect all members of our supply chain to share the same values and adhere to the same best practice guidelines to ensure that no such forced labor exists within their business or their own supply chains.Though our diamond procurement process, by not being sightholders but purchase and aquire from sightholders, we are conscious that with an extensive supply chain like ours that has a wide geographical reach, more can always be done.

And whilst we would never knowingly engage with a supplier involved in forced labor, we recognize that such a supplier would take steps to conceal the true position, meaning that continued vigilance is always necessary. This Code of Conduct rejects the use of forced labor. We expect our suppliers to comply with the Code of Conduct and to place similar expectations on their supply chains.

If we identify or suspect non-compliance with the Code of Conduct we will work with the relevant supplier to ensure that immediate remedial action is taken to address the situation, failing to rectify the situation, will make us stop working with that particular supplier in question.

Our commitment is to ensure that there is no forced labor within our supply chains is an ongoing process. Our future plans include further doing our due diligence procedures, both when we engage a new supplier and on an ongoing basis in respect of our existing suppliers.